Your Mentor and Pitch Coach: the Yin and the Yang of Startup Funding Success

The thing that I find most awe-inspiring about startup communities across the nation and the world is the immense sea of individuals willing to dedicate their time to mentor and support new entrepreneurs. In every startup community--whether it's...

Grab Attention and Keep it: The Biggest Hurdle in Pitching

As a pitch coach, I see a lot of startup pitches. Just yesterday I found myself reviewing the pitches of three very different companies. Their target customers, business models & their company life-cycle stages could not be more different. But I...

How to Win a Pitch Competition

Are you a competitive person? Do you like to win? To really win? Only first place will do for you, no sportsmanship awards around here. If you like the adrenaline of competing, are a founder of a startup or growth stage company, and live in a...

There is no "I" in Funding - Why You Need a Pitch Coach

Ok, for starters, yes, I am thoroughly aware there is a "I" in funding. But, just like there is no "I" in team (regardless of how overused that saying is) your fund raising success is most certainly not a one man show. You're going to need help....

Pitch Deck to Sales Deck: Making the Shift Successfully

One of the best things about going through the rigor of getting a custom pitch deck, is that you can use the output for many things afterwards. We help our previous pitch deck clients build sales decks that pull out the pertinent business and...

Are You Still Winging It? Practice your Pitch - Wow Your Investors

Seven tips for developing your in-person presentation and making your next pitch a success.

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