Don't Steal My Idea! How to Prevent Investors from Forwarding your Pitch Deck

I recently had a client ask me this question, "How do I prevent investors from forwarding my pitch deck to my competitors?". We'd finished putting together a stellar pitch deck that accurately conveyed their awesome business concept/company. I...

Should you take Uncle Frank's Money? The Pros and Cons of the Friends and Family Round

In April 2012, I cashed a big check from a family member for the first time. No, not a big birthday check from grandma, my fledgling startup's first funding. For many entrepreneurs, building, growing, and scaling their business takes money. Some...

How to Assign Metrics to Your Investor Engagement Strategy

Metrics help us quantify and measure things and when applied to our investor management strategy we can see where we to focus our efforts. We ultimately want to raise a certain amount of money and we know what equity and salary trade-off's we're...

How to Get Startup Funding Faster

One of the key performance measures of a founder is how he or she can get the company’s vision sold to internal and external stakeholders. As is the case with many founders, attracting investment to help grow the business is crucial to the...

Tired of Hearing No? Fix Your Investor Communication Strategy

Having a consistent approach to investors is key to your start-up funding efforts. While you can approach this task in a hap-hazard way and still get results, it's not the best way. Don't let your funding success depend on pure luck. Developing a...

Are you Suffering From Mentor Whiplash? And, How to deal with the symptoms

When you’re looking for startup funding, you end up talking to a lot of people. And those people have alot of opinions about you, your company, and your pitch deck.

Let me guess...You spent hours putting together your best pitch deck, you...

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