How to Pitch to A Venture Capital Firm

  • New or expanding business? - check
  • Substantial element of risk? - check (don’t lie, you’re still proving this model out)
  • Need capital investment? - check

If this sounds like you, then you might be a strong candidate for venture capital...

Impressing Investors with your Investor Deck

Getting in front of investors is an uphill battle. Some clients have described it as “near impossible,” “an exercise in sheer will,” “the hardest thing I've ever done,” and even “humiliating.” And after all that work, you have just one chance to...

Don't Approach Investors Without These Three Things

If you’re preparing for your first round of fundraising, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are lots of things you need to prepare before you can start speaking with potential investors. Perhaps you’ve been talking to a mentor or attending...

Develop That Pitch!

Entrepreneurs who are pushed early on to develop their pitch are often put into a precarious situation. There aren’t a ton of credible resources online, so where do you go for quality advice?

What Real Startup Founders Want Investors to Think About Their Company [RESEARCH]

 “Game changing! Why hasn't this been done before?”

“I’m feeling the FOMO!”

“These guys really know their stuff!”

“This technology will sell itself.”


What do you want investors to say about your company? What should your pitch deck embody with...

Planting the Seeds for Your Seed Round: How to Seek Startup Funding

You've been working on this concept for months. Or maybe you've already launched, and grown into a full-fledged startup businesses. Whether post- or pre-revenue, thousands of companies decide to seek outside funding to help their businesses reach...

Can You Get Funding with a Bad Pitch Deck if your Startup is Good Enough?

I am sure this is a question that many-a-startup founder has wondered. Possibly late at night a few days before a big investor meeting with no time to perfect the pitch deck in time. Possibly the moment he/she is about to hit send on an email...

Don't Steal My Idea! How to Prevent Investors from Forwarding your Pitch Deck

I recently had a client ask me this question, "How do I prevent investors from forwarding my pitch deck to my competitors?". We'd finished putting together a stellar pitch deck that accurately conveyed their awesome business concept/company. I...

Should you take Uncle Frank's Money? The Pros and Cons of the Friends and Family Round

In April 2012, I cashed a big check from a family member for the first time. No, not a big birthday check from grandma, my fledgling startup's first funding. For many entrepreneurs, building, growing, and scaling their business takes money. Some...

How to Assign Metrics to Your Investor Engagement Strategy

Metrics help us quantify and measure things and when applied to our investor management strategy we can see where we to focus our efforts. We ultimately want to raise a certain amount of money and we know what equity and salary trade-off's we're...

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