The Biggest Pitch Deck Don't [Pitch Deck Design 101]

The Biggest Pitch Deck Don't [Pitch Deck Design 101] (Summary)

  • What's the Biggest Pitch Deck Design Don't?
  • Investor Decks Help you Tell Your Story
  • Buckets are Good - Lists are Bad
  • Have a Conversion with your Audience
  • Don’t use Bullet Points as a...

How to Avoid Mentor Whiplash (Founder's Guide)

How to Avoid Mentor Whiplash (Founder's Guide) -  Summary

  • Understanding Mentor Whiplash
  • Challenges Incorporating Feedback into Your Pitch Deck
  • What if I Don’t Agree with Feedback I Get on my Pitch Deck?
    1. Corroborate their advice
    2. Take it with a...

Which Pitch Deck Designer Meets Your Needs?

If you’re seeking funding, you know by now that you’re going to need a pitch deck. And with so many other companies seeking funding from the same pool of investors, it’s especially important to get your pitch right. To stand out, many founders...

What is your "One-Thing"? Founders Disease & How to Combat it

I love entrepreneurs. The passion for their company, the new and exciting possibilities, their love of their business, the pitching, the scaling, "new company" smell. I love it all. I could not ask for a better job but to work with entrepreneurs...

How to Create a Pitch Deck - A Step by Step Guide

So, you want to build a pitch deck?

What an exciting phase!

Get funding, clients, and team

Let me count the ways


Pitch decks for the startup

Pitch decks for the B2B

A very visual document

That tells your true story


Consider your audience


Pitch Deck vs. Business Plan: The Differences and Uses of Each

Whether you're a first time founder, a hopeful entrepreneur or a serial startup guru, you've likely pondered "What is the difference between a pitch deck and a business plan?" Which one came first? Why would you use a pitch deck over a business...

So You Need a Pitch Deck? Here Are All Your Design Options Ranked and Rated

It's a new year, a fresh start. Your start up has been chugging along, things are getting accomplished, but the pace is just not there. Or, maybe you have a looming expense, like app development or a big marketing launch that you see on the...

Why Pitch Deck Templates Don't Work [Free Pitch Deck Template]

 I was giving a free 15 minute pitch consultation to a client the other day, when I saw something suspiciously conventional looking. The client's deck... it looked so familiar... Yep - I've seen that before. It was the Google Pitch Deck Template....

What if There Were No More Terrible Pitch Decks?

With the number of new startups launching each year growing at a faster and faster pace, it’s a great time to be an entrepreneur. The majority of new startups will seek funding or pitch in a startup pitch competition within the first 2 years....

So, What is a Pitch Deck?

A Pitch Deck is a piece of marketing collateral used in early stages of a business to gain investor buy-in and eventual funding. It can be either digital or physical and is used to present the company and its products.

If you’re like me, when I...

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