Should I Include Animation in My Pitch Deck?


Should I Include Animation in My Pitch Deck? (Summary)

Article Overview

The Send Ahead or Teaser Version of Your Pitch Deck

The Investor Presentation - How to Use Animation as a Visual Aid

The Do's and Dont's of Using Animation in Your Pitch...

How Do I Choose the Correct Font for my Pitch Deck (Comprehensive Guide)

How Do I Choose the Correct Font for My Pitch Deck? (Comprehensive Guide)- Summary

  • What is a Font?
  • How Do Fonts Apply to my Brand?
  • How to Customize Your Brand Image with the Right Font'
  • How to Understand the Difference Between Fonts
  • How Many...

An Investor Pitch Survival Guide: Always Backup Your Presentation

Never Forget To Have a Backup of Your Pitch Deck: Our Investor Pitch Survival Guide Summary

  • Make sure you have a back up of your presentation every single time you pitch
  • Special Note on Fonts in Your Pitch Deck - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT
  • Where Do...

Essential "Slides" for Your Investor Presentation Deck

There are a lot of articles out there that purport to tell you exactly what slides you need in your investor deck. But in general, they are either too high-level or too specific. It’s impractical to say, “These are the only slides you need!”...

Three Ways to Identify Your Key Differentiators

Do you have a compelling case for why your product is superior to that of your competitors? How do you make your business stand out? And how do you make sure your business is sustainable? These are the questions that keep every entrepreneur up at...

You Need A Killer Sales Deck

Selling is hard. Setting the right message is one of the hardest and most important jobs of your marketing & sales teams. You work hard to get in front of decision-makers, and every opportunity counts. How do you make sure your message is hitting...

How to Get Free Stock Photos for Your Pitch Deck (Quick Guide)

How to Get Free Stock Photos (Quick Guide)- Summary

  • Why do we need photos for a pitch?
  • What is a Stock Photo?
  • Where do Stock Photos Come From?
  • How to Find the Best Stock Photos
  • How to Avoid Copyright Infringement
  • How to Get Stock Photos for Free

How to Hack the Market Slide on your Pitch Deck

It's late at night, after a long day of building your business. You're exhausted.

Tomorrow you are pitching at a local pitch event, hoping to generate some buzz about your startup, maybe meet a potential investor, and fingers crossed win the...

The Best Go-To-Market Strategy & How to Define Yours

How? These three letters Man, are they simple, yet so incredibly complicated at the same time. The "how" of your business is the strategy by which you plan to achieve all of your lofty goals. And while we all know we need this strategy, the plan,...

Customer Validation With No Customers | Perfect Your Pitch Deck: Traction

When putting together a compelling pitch for startup funding, there are a few key things that a potential investor is looking for in your pitch deck. One of these, is traction. Or in non-startup-speak "the success you have seen so far with your...

Every Good Pitch Deck Has These Two Slides; Does Yours?

If you're like me, you've seen a lot of pitch decks. I go to a lot of local pitch events here in Denver. Pitches are one of my favorite things in the whole world. They are unyielding fun to listen to, design and critique. I once watched 31...

Decode the Pitch Deck: A Guide to The Investor Pitch & Pitch Books

If your a startup founder, an investor, or have an interest in startups, you've likely heard of a Pitch Deck, at least that's the term that we most often use here at Pitch Deck Fire. But, there are a myriad of other terms used for the same or...

Pitch Deck 101 - Telling My Company's Story

One of the cardinal sins of pitching is having a great pitch deck, but not having your story down. What your company does is not a simple question. Consider the different ways you might answer this question to your significant other, an investor,...

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